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Financial Consultation for Expats

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Financial Consulting for Expats in Germany - The Original since 2016

Financial Consultation for Expats

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We know how it feels to be an Expat and we love to experience different people from diferent cultures.

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There are these special moments, when a family calls you and says “We got our little one today” – and you are the third person they call after they called their parents, because you have to provide the right health care coverage to protect their baby. The moment when you are with clients at the notary and you see the glance in their eyes when they made one of the biggest steps in their life – and you did the finance for it. When you are in a 1:1 Meeting with a new client and you realize, that is the first time, this person ever thought about personal goals in his/her life – and you are the partner to fulfill them.These are the special moments, why I wake up every morning and why I really love what I do.

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