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Investment and Protection

Online Seminar

How to invest in times of low interest rates and high inflation.

  • Speaker: Marcel Plum

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We are currently in a phase of low interest rates. As a result, traditional interest-bearing products such as savings accounts, fixed-term and overnight deposits, and conservative European government bonds are no longer delivering positive returns, if at all. Despite all the risks, well-managed investment funds represent a possible strategy for your asset accumulation. We will be happy to show you how you can invest your money profitably and thus provide for a self-determined future.

Online Meeting via Zoom!

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The 5 Key steps for Financial Consulting for Expats in Germany

Module 1: Investment & Protection

✓How to plan your lifetime financial planning strategy

✓ What are the best investments in times of low interests (shortterm, midterm and Longterm)

✓ Gross vs. Net – how to make more net out of your gross income

✓ The German pension System & how to get maximum benefits from the government

✓ Brief guidance through German Insurance System and address all queries around the same

✓ How to reduce the costs for your insurances with a better coverage

✓ How to protect your family, your income and your assets the right way.

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